wedding photo book - album di matrimonio

wedding photo book – album di matrimonio

Fine Art  and  Handmade  Wedding Albums

On the website of my supplier ArtephotoEValuna, you can find the following words:

because “after all, the world exists so it can end up in a good book”. Choosing a high-quality Wedding Album is necessary, useful and important – treat yourself to a little poetic world of your own. A materic world not only a pictures “on the cloud”…!!

When you leaf through your  Wedding Albums, you’ll be brought right back to your wedding day, celebrating your new life, and you’ll get goosebumps as time seems to stand still; an unforgettable experience, just like your wedding!

this is my own philosophy on the topic!

I offer only the best quality; my albums and photobooks are handmade craft made in italy by myself or by an south Italy artisan like the best above decribed. All products are fine art prints only with a certificate of quality of printing using cotton paper, white paper or photopaper.

I offer only contemporary and elegant Fine Art and Photo Books, entirely hand made with first choice materials; wood, cotton photo paper, lino or cotton fabric  for the cover.

Choosing these products means choosing long-lasting quality.

Thanks to Fine Art Prints and innovative  ink printers, fine art prints are guaranteed will last for 200 years (colour prints) and 400 years (black and white) with extraordinary image rendering and extremely accurate colours, optimised contrast and definition like you’ve never seen before.

I have carefully selected the best Paper, i used Hannemule company or Innova company, because they today can provide a range of excellent quality papers (Mixed Cellulose and 100% Cotton and high quality photo paper).

Photo Books lay perfectly flat when open, facilitating reference and enhancing the beauty of my (and your) images. I choose for the Photobook, one of the best company we have in italy: ALBUMEPOCA, my partner since many years.

The width (square and rectangular) I have chosen for my album pages preserves the elegance and minimal design of mine products, perfectly in line with my contemporary style.

you can find some short videos of different album solutions on my youtube channel here

wedding photo book – album di matrimonio

wedding photo book – album di matrimonio – fine art

wedding photo book – album di matrimonio – fine art


fine art and photo wedding book

ALBUMS wedding photo book - di matrimonio

ALBUMS wedding photo book – di matrimonio