An exclusive civil ceremony celebrated in the garden of Nicole’s grandmother

Nicole and Markus, a lovely couple from Graz, decided to get married in Carinthia, their place of origin, with a reception at the Hotel Insel on Faak Island, an exclusive place that can only be reached by ferry. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful places to overnight and take a bathing holiday on the lake, indeed the waters of the Faakersee are blue and warm.

The civil ceremony was organized in an elegant and creative way in the garden of Nicole grandmother’s house, near the big tree that Nicole is very fond of.

A style sofa placed in front of the tree (framed by all the delicate and complex decorations that Nicole has personally made) welcomed the newlyweds while the guests were seated behind. Chicca of the ceremony, the refreshments provided by the Italian confectionery Bacchetti of Udine.

It was funny to attend the Carinthian custom of blocking the street car parade and organizing traditional jokes and songs. It was raining heavily that day, so we were all sheltered under the railway bridge… hostages! Oh yes, because to get away you must first pay a small ransom to friends.

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