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Stefano Lunardi fotografo specializzato in matrimoni

If you’re searching for a wedding photographer, because you’re getting married in Italy, i have an important message for you!

During a wedding you are never given a second chance to catch the moment. Every moment is unique.

You must be silent, discreet and have perfect timing.

It’s like being in the most desolate African savannah with the task of capturing the roar of a lion and having only a few clicks available. Moreover, you cannot afford to be intrusive and flashy.

The lion would notice it…

You must be invisible and capture EXACTLY THE MOMENT in which the lion opens his mouth to roar.

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Take a look at some testimonials from those who have chosen us for their wedding …

We chose Mr. Lunardi as our Wedding Photographer because of his outstanding and incredible work. Stefano Lunardi caught all the right moments and expressions at all the right times and the quality of the pictures is wonderful. He photographed in color and in black/white, and they are all incredibly edited. He works with shadows and light in a very special way and makes every photo live. He chose no less then the very best of his work to return to us perfectly edited and extremely thought through. He cared a great deal about us and was very easy to talk to and work with after the wedding, as during the wedding day, to decide which photos to choose for the fantastic photo book he creates. We will highly recommend Stefano Lunardi to any couple who is getting married and of course to anyone who just wants beautiful photos to keep for life. There is no fear of a rainy day. Stefano Lunardi will just make the rain light up the picture!

Trine and Alex

We are from Brussels-Belgium. For our engagement photo shoot, we were looking for a great photographer who truly captures emotions, warm lights, and who would representate the best our relationship on pictures. We booked Stefano from Belgium with a lot of questions that he respond quickly. That was for us very important because he always respond to all our questions and gave us advice before the photo shoot. We had a good feeling before because he was transparent. In italy, he called us before he arrived and was very punctual, we really appreciated his professionalism. Stefano was nice and humourous and always smiling so we were confortable to do the session with him. He has great attention on details and that makes his work very creative because he has eyes for beauty and emotions. When I saw his work on his website, I knew he would do beautiful pictures but in fact he exceeded all our expectations. Really, We can’t imagine another photographer doing our precious photos. We want to thank him for his patience, the fact that he stay more time just to do great pictures, and for our spritz at the end of our session. Thank to his assistent to, they are both very nice guys! Stefano sent to us the pictures in time with printed ones. He sent us a big surprise: a videoclip with our pictures, and my gosh, it was very touching, that song was the perfect one! Stefano, we love you!!!!! Our family and friends have complimented the stunning photos and they definitely want him as our wedding photographer even if he’s far from Belgium! They really want him and we too! So, if you are looking for a really great photographer and charming person, don’t hesitate, Stefano is your guy!

Isabel and Micheal

Our wedding has been in June 2015 and the photos created during the whole day are marvelous. The more often we see them, the more we love them. They are genuine, natural and still artistic and special and show that Stefano is a real high-level professional. The photographs capture unvarnished all the emotional moments of this day and if we look at them it seems we are once more in the middle of our wedding day. Unfortunately, we had only a very vague memory of all the impressions of the day, but because of the continuous photo story everything was kept and came back to our mind again. Another incredible fact is that during the whole day we never really noticed a photographer, but nevertheless, they have been everywhere and have seen everything worth taking a photo. And despite the short time for our couple-pictures (approx. 20 mins) some real wonderful motifs were created ֠other photographers need hours for such perfection. If you choose Stefano, this is included in your package!

Nicole & Marcus

We loved working with Stefano and Michele. They let us enjoy our day with our guests and captured so many special moments but always had suggestions for interesting shots if needed. They worked so hard for two days and we are absolutely delighted with the results. It is a bit of a gamble to pick a photographer online without meeting them, but when planning a wedding abroad, that’s what you have to do. We are so happy we chose Stefano who was very helpful by email in advance and after the wedding, a pleasure on the day (and Michele), and he picked wonderful locations for our photos in Venice. Thank you so much!

Gillian and Steven

We are so happy about the pictures, last week I watched the slide show again, and this day was so amazing. Thank you again for this special memories!

Tanija and Mario

Stefano is very good and professional. Wedding assignment has respected what we wanted, spontaneous photos without poses except for some shots and he captured our most pleasant and emotional moments. Every time I flip through the album I seem to relive that wonderful day! I highly recommend him to all future newlyweds!

Elisa and Juri

Stefano and Michele are very helpful and gentle people, as well as being recognized professionals worldwide. They work with passion, capturing every moment as if it were a work of art. Entrusting them the task of telling with pictures one of the best days of our life was the best thing we could do. We highly recommend them to all future newlyweds, certain that with their skills they will guide you in the right direction. Rated 10!

Stefania and Marco
tatiana e giuseppe testimonianza Stefano Lunardi

Great quality of photographs, both as natural shots and as a result of improvements by photographers. Great professionalism, availability and flexibility of the whole team on the wedding day. The best moments were captured on the wonderful day we lived. The DVD with the best photo slideshow is absolutely exciting. We were very satisfied.

Giuseppe and Tatiana


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