photographer for over 25 years and film director for 5 years, he has worked in different areas of photography such as fashion, reportage or advertising. These experiences have helped he to better understand and express his photographic approach while strengthening his technical knowledge.   Since 2010 he works on a personal project and on a commercial weddings sector and as director for company video promotional

The last statement:

2011 – nuovo studio fotografico a Cervignano del Friuli per ritratto e reportage di matrimonio e FINE ART

2012 – Solo Photo exhibition TERRA presso la casa della musica a Cervignano in collaborazione con SLOW FOOD

2012 – Solo Photo exhibitione TERRA presso il SALONE DEL GUSTO a Torino

2013 – Solo Photo exhibition TIMELESS WOMAN Cervignano del Friuli


2013 – Solo Photo exhibition TIMELESS WOMAN at Scuola Grande S.Giovanni Evangelista , VENEZIA

2012 – honorable mention IPA awards

2013 – honarable mention IPA awards

2013 – finalista spider awards

2014 – riconoscimento europeo per la fotogrsfia di ritratti QEP – qualified european photographer

2015 – Solo Photo exhibition VIBRATIONS presso galleria LA FORTEZZA

2015 – awards ANFM associazione nazionale fotografi matrimonio

2015 – 3 place category wedding a IPA international photo awards

2015 – IPA Best show Exhibition a New York, Parigi e Mosca with awarded pictures, the only italian artist for the second time.

2016 – honorable mention WPGA

2016 – 1 posto IPA awards New York categoria Fine Art e 2 posto IPA awards New York categoria wedding

2016 – IPA Best show Exhibition a New York, Parigi and Mosca with awarded pictures, the only italian artist for the second time.

2017 – first category award at LAGRANDEPHOTO  (abstract)

2017 –  silver award at MIFA Moscow  (portfolio)

2017 – September  19-30, Exhibithion in Barcellona by The Gala Awards – VIVID FOTO Gallery

2017 – October, winner at SPIDER B&W AWARDS and several Honorable mentions at IPA

2017 – Exhibition in CINA, member of italian representative LUMINA’project, Fiof sponsored

2018 –  Exhibition in ORVIETO fiof convention

2018 – 3rd place at the prestigious INTERNATIONAL COLOR MASTER AWARDS

2020 – 3rd place at the prestigious INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS and several honors, honorable mentions in SPIDER AWARDS

2020 – 2 HONORS in VIENNA photo awards



EPHEMERAL MOMENTS – A fraction of a second, a moment or a longer time, a few minutes at most in which the divine spirit, the deepest consciousness emerges, and at that specific moment we are aware a feeling,  an emotion, an energy pervades us and we feel higher, connected with everything and in focus…in focus on the present moment, fully aware that the past no longer exist and the future is just a simple fantasy and that the only reality in our reach is the window of perception that we have
in the present moment, the only moment in which we spend our very existence.

THE TUBE & WHITE PROJECT – serie di tre scatti che hanno conquistato la giuria dell’IPA, international Photo Awards nel 2016, aggiudicandosi il primo posto nella categorie Fine art. la realizzazione di questa mini serie E’ stato un processo puramente distintivo, nessuna programmazione nessun vero obbiettivo se non quello di rimanere affascinato da come la luce colpiva il soggetto e immaginare un risultato fotografico. poi in studio con la post produzione ho convertito in Bn e pulito lo sfondo per ottenere una silhouette più definita, per renderla quasi astratta.

VIBRATIONS – 2015, proclaimed by UNESCO a year of the light! The sun light, artificial light as a precious good, light in the arts, light as a subject of resarch for communication, optical fibers, laser, etc. But I believe in another kind of light too…and in that way I want to devolop my artistic work. We are made of vibrations, molecules and atoms, and since atoms are made of electromagnetic waves, they also are vibrations, or better, vibration frequencies. The universe, the world and the human beings are vibrations. Each one of them vibrates in a different way, at a different frequency: faster, or slower. Gases are made of particles that vibrate much faster than the ones of solids… and subtle energies vibrate at higher frequencies than coarse ones, which are what the matter is made of. Scientists are discovering quantum physics (quanta are particles that are much smaller than electrons!!), challenging our belief on matter and physics. Equalizing our vibration frequencies at more subtle frequencies and harmonies will lead us to the discovery of a much richer, multifarious and complex reality than the one we have been taught. Possibly, the world and the reality surrounding us aren’t just what we are used to – or forced to – seeing with our eyes and understanding with our minds; there is much, much more we still must become aware of. Something that exists and coexists within us, some kind of expanded reality… if only we had Senses that could help us becoming aware of it… what I imagine and I have tried to represent through my pictures is a dimension, made of light and energy, which is constantly moving: it evolves, it changes shape, colours, sizes, it hovers in the air, pulses and dances. Are maybe angels made of this energy, too?

LINES –  poso il mio occhio e cerco di rendere visibili cose che non lo sono, almeno non in apparenza; ogni cosa forma luci e ombre hanno un codice di riconoscimento agli occhi della maggior parte delle persone…vedono gli oggetti per quello che sono stati educato a vedere. Ma queste cose forme luci e ombre hanno il lato B, il lato occulto  che emerge alla luce da chi sa vedere e si rendono visibili agli occhi e cosi un’impronta di pneumatico diventa una foglia, una foglia magari delle dita, dei fili di ghiaccio diventano una ragnatela…

I simply use my eyes to make visible the things that are not, not at a mere glance, at least; everything is shaped by shadows and lights; a code of recognition in the eyes of most people… they see objects for what they have been taught to see.But these lights and shadows have another side to them, an occult side that is truer than ever for those that can see the light, as it becomes visible to the eyes it shifts form, from a simple track In the ground that looks like a leaf, from a simple leaf that looks like a blend of fingers to the cleverly intertwined strands of ice that look like the webbing of a summer spider.

SYNAPSIES – I’ve been always fascinating by trees, especially during winter time when the trees are spoiled and the branches form look like different; the correlation with other natural object or life is evident: in my mind i thought like human organs or human cells, nerve cells and their contact: synapses

TIMELESS WOMAN   is a project that was created with the intent to represent the feminine form in its entirety and complexity, a task which is so difficult to attain; the women from different historical periods have played a leading role, for better or for worse, and that role is reserved for them ñ conquered or coveted.
These photographs are a trip through time, starting from a place where all women in history played a leading role: what weíve read about them, seen or experienced with them and perhaps, what impressed us the most.
From military leaders prepared to do battle, wise men willing to share their knowledge, and even the very pious, all of them have been intimidated and loved in the same time by the great queen of history. From the worker to the curious scientist, from the courtesan and the pioneers of modern aviation to the visionary suffragettes, every woman holds in itself these tales ñ itís a photographerís mission and goal to see them and embrace them for that they truly are.
To interpret a woman who in itself is so many women: through time changing appearance, dress, social role, but remains herself the whole time, remains true to herself the whole time ñ this is a journey in stages, not only because you start from scratch time and time again but because in their contemporaneity you are unable to see their full form, as if with time ñ when it passes, you only notice it after its passing.