Their dream of getting married in Venice has come true

When you book online, as long as the site can be convincing and the seller is courteous and punctual and his answers are favorable and encourage purchase, there is always a doubt there in the corner of your mind. It happens to everyone when there are thousands of euros to spend and not the iTunes song to download!

It was the confession of Gillian months later, after the wedding, and I make shorter with a sentence of her fantastic testimony. Gillian and Steven, a Scottish couple with a passion for Italy, love Venice. Their dream was getting married in Venice.

She is a sister of 5 brothers and sisters. They were married all in Scotland, while she was “alone”. Encountered his prince charming Steven, the youngest decided to “stand out” and so does what no one expected.

He invited everyone to the Marriot hotel, on the edge of the lagoon. A lovely place, an island where you can spend days relaxing before the efforts of marriage.

After the fantastic day of their wedding, they did not miss the chance of a photo shoot in the city. The next day we made the “after-wedding” shooting around Piazza S.marco, the old market and the Florian café.

The funniest moment was on the wedding day, during Steven’s preparations before the ceremony. Together with his best friend they drank beer and danced with the kilt! What a hilarious moment!

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