MICHELE – He is the flagship photographer of the team. Raised and trained directly with Stefano Lunardi, he contributed to the creation of wedding photo shoots. both as a second photographer and as a main photographer. In any case, it will return images that are simply beautiful and full of humor. Michele has the ability to capture the decisive moment and the most emotional or curious expressions.

A curiosity about him? They often exchange us for brothers so much so that once there has been a personal exchange! A gentleman started a conversation with Michele in the morning and ended up with me in the afternoon without realizing that we were not the same person!






LUCA – He is a talented young photographer. He loves to photograph the parties and parties and is called throughout Italy to document the musical and crazy nights of the best nightclubs. His approach with wedding photography is quite classical and rigorous, technically correct. He is a discreet and invisible photographer, attentive to what happens in every situation. Returns a right documentation of your day without leaving anything out.

Once, during a service in Venice, he worked for 17 hours in a row. But it was not enough for him! In the middle of the night he took the ferry and went to wait for dawn in Piazza San Marco (to take lots of other photos) … a crazy worker!







WALTER – He is an experienced photographer with dozens and dozens of weddings on his
shoulders, his approach is rigorous and precise, he likes well done things.
Austrian but of Italian origin, she speaks three languages: English and Italian in addition to
German, but he comes from a family in which photography is the daily bread, the only one of
the team that truly “son of art”, he loves Italian cuisine and is an alpine guide, believe me if I
tell you that it’s hard to stand behind him for the mountains!