This day was one to remember, Wedding in Venice was perfect, three hundred people from all over the world for this armenian wedding!

One of those weddings that you will remember for a long time… one of those occasions that can give an extra boost to your work, as happened many times before, and we had to make ourselves available.

A perfect setting, a romantic city, a beautiful couple, really beautiful, 300 people from all over the world, dresses for the afternoon and dresses for the evening, musicians, dancers, sets… just look around, point the camera and the photo was done!

We had to prepare again. There were six of us: 3 photographers, 2 video operators and 1 assistant, a real team to capture a unique event. It is not easy to coordinate everyone but when you choose the right people everything is easier and even the hitches or unexpected events are easily overcome.

The big day morning started very good, with many situations to shoot for this armenian event!

In the bride’s suite, people, relatives, family and friends continually entered… improvising a traditional Armenian dance and other rituals in homage to the bride.

In the meantime, the other two photographers were split between the groom for his dressing and one photographing exteriors, installations and the arrival of the guests at the church on the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni.

The orthodox ceremony in the crowded church reminded me of the times when I was a photojournalist and I traveled the world to photograph different cultures. I had often participated in religious rites in the East but also in Armenia back in 2004. I was in Yerevan and i remember the old church with frescoes, the crowd… the baptism… the oriental incense smell… then the reportage was edit on the magazines, one of these was “il sole 24 ore”.

I let you imagine the atmosphere of elegance for this wedding in Venice, but also of celebration and joy for the rest of the long evening (we finished at 4 am after 17 hours of non-stop work and something like 8600 photograph! a record).

Regarding the photographs, one last thing I have to say: we were all stunned when the bride, already beautiful, already elegant and refined in her long embroidered dress,… what does she do?

Start singing… as a professional!

A beautiful voice, a difficult song (You make me feel), without a discord, interpreting it, not at all shy… but above all we discovered that she had never sung in her life.

Well, endless emotions and applause and general surprise!


Details of the wedding in Venice photoshooting:

Location: Excelsior palace hotel, Venice Lido

3 photographers, 3 video operators, canon and nikon equipment: 3 x eos 5D MK3 and 3x D810,  1x D850, remote speedlights, umbrella and lastolite panels

Photobook: ALBUM EPOCA as a partner –


stefano lunardi photographer_wedding_Italy, Venice, hotel Excelsior_

stefano lunardi photographer_wedding_Italy, Venice, hotel Excelsior_

stefano lunardi photographer_wedding_Italy, Venice, hotel Excelsior_

stefano lunardi photographer_wedding_Italy, Venice, hotel Excelsior_